Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove - Fireplaces and Stoves Drogheda
Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove - Fireplaces and Stoves Drogheda
Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove - Fireplaces and Stoves Drogheda
Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove - Fireplaces and Stoves Drogheda
Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove - Fireplaces and Stoves Drogheda
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Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove

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Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove

The Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove is all that is good about pellet stoves: high efficiency, reduced carbon emissions and a condensed size. At just 823mm high the Stanley Solis K50 is one of the smallest pellet stoves on the market. As the Solis K50 is one of the newest pellet stoves on the market you can be sure it burns cleaner and has programmable features that allow you to spread the 10 hr burn time throughout the course of the day. The Stanley Solis K50's choice of colours makes this pellet stove an ideal choice if you're looking to match in modern burning technology with the look and feel of your home.

Key Features of the Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove

  • Maximum Heat Output 6.1kW to the room
  • High Efficiency up to 95% - almost 4 times more efficient than an open fire
  • Ideal for open plan living
  • 11Kg internal hopper runs for up to 10 hours from a fill of pellets
  • Fully adjustable in terms of time and temperature including sleep timer
  • Programmable controller with up to 6 on/off times per day
  • Flue outlet size 80mm
  • Rear flue outlet only
  • Approved to EN 14785 standard
  • External air compatible
  • Available in 4 colours - Grey, Claret, Black and White
  • Includes commissioning


Optional Extras

  • Wifi Kit 

Stanley Solis K50 6.1kW Pellet Stove Dimensions

Unpacked Dimensions

  • Height 823mm
  • Width 450mm
  • Depth 549mm

Weight 65kgs

Flue size is 80mm at spigot, expander required to increase outlet from 80mm to 125mm within the first 1.5m 

Rear flue placement only

11kg Hopper

The only fuel that should be used for operation of the pellet stove are pellets certified by EN 14961-2 grade A1 with a diameter of 6 mm and a length that can range from 10 to 30 mm

Fay Fireplaces and Stoves Delivery

Fay Fireplaces and Stoves aim to pack and dispatch orders the same day if received before 12pm. This is subject to stock availability.

Once your item is ready for dispatch, you will receive an email or text with your item's tracking number.

Small items, once dispatched, take between 1-3 Working days to arrive.

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Delivery Prices

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Fay Fireplaces and Stoves Warranty

Your Stanley Solid Fuel Stove is guaranteed against any part that fails (under normal operating conditions) as detailed in the following table with timelines specified from the date of installation of the appliance. If the unit is not installed within six months of date of purchase, the warranty will commence six months from the date of purchase.

To register your warranty, please send the following details to

Serial number
Proof of purchase
Full address
Contact number
E-mail address
RGI Number / Gas Safe Number (If a gas product was fitted)

Warranty Period Parts Covered (Parts & Labour unless Stated)

Up to 1 Year

  • Refractory materials (supply only)
  • Rope seals, glass seals and cement seals.(supply only)
  • Surface Finish on Seno models.
  • Burnpot / crucible.
  • Ceramic glass is covered for Thermal breakage (supply only).
  • Rust (if reported before installation)
  • Aesthetic Damage (provided reported on date of receipt)
  • Electrical components under normal operation.

Up to 2 Years

  • All external casings & enamel finishes (excluding impact damage or damage caused by overfiring).

Pictures of damage must be submitted to Waterford Stanley Service Department.

The warranty is given only to the original consumer/purchaser only and is non- transferable. The appliance must be installed by a suitable qualified person and installed as per the requirements of the manual. Failure to comply with the Installation requirements or Building Regulations will void your warranty. Waterford Stanley reserve the right to replace any part due to manufacturing defect that fails within the warranty period under the terms of the warranty. The unit must be used for normal domestic purposes only and in accordance with manufacturer's operation instructions.


The warranty does not cover:

  • Special, incidental or consequential damages, injury to persons or Property, or any other consequential loss.
  • Any issue caused by negligence, misuse, abuse or circumstances beyond Waterford Stanley’s control.
  • Any issue with wear and tear, modification, alteration, or servicing by anyone other than an authorized service engineer.
  • Installation and operational related problems such as draught related issues external to the stove, inadequate
  • venting or ventilation, excessive flue offsets, negative air pressure caused by insufficient burning of improper fuel.
  • Damage caused to the unit while in transit.
  • Discolouration due to over firing, damage caused by impact, damage to baffles caused by
  • over firing and fading of surface finish on casting.
  • Stress fractures on bricks.
  • Rust on cast iron parts unless reported prior to unit being installed.
  • Aesthetic damage, rust & missing parts on units purchased off display.
  • Electrical components where voltage variations are in excess of 10% of nominal 230V

Note: Adequate clearance must be maintained around the appliance to ensure the ease of part removal in the possible event of their damage/failure. Waterford Stanley are not responsible for any costs incurred in the removal of items installed in the vicinity of the appliance that have to be moved to facilitate a part replacement.

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